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We understand the frustration of finding high quality 100% human hair and not getting what you paid. Audrey’z Hair Collection was founded to ensure that our beauties have access to reliable and beautiful hair products at a reasonable price. Audrey’ z Hair is carefully sourced directly from India, Vietnam, and other Asia countries collecting raw, virgin, and Remy 100% human hair products. As a customer-centric company, we are on a mission to provide our customers with excellent customer service and authentic hair that our customers want and can rely on for years to come at a relatively affordable price. We provide three main categories of hair, namely Premium, Luxurious, and Luscious hair. Welcome! We cannot wait to serve you.

Premium Hair

Shop premium quality 100% raw temple human hair. The hair comes in natural color with three main natural textures of different lengths and sourced from India’s reputable temples.

Luxurious Hair

Shop from high quality 100% healthy Vietnamese human hair. Luxurious hair comes in raw, virgin, and Remy hair and in different lengths and textures.


Luscious Hair

Shop high quality 100% human hair. The hair is meticulously sorted to select only the best with the desired length, texture, and color based on the customer’s needs. 

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